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Engineering Components

Buy bearings, ball bearings, flexible couplings, torque limiters, castors, anti-vibration mounts and more...

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Engineering Capacity

Engineering, Machining, Technical and Materials Capabilities

If it's obsolete or no longer made our in-house engineering team can possibly manufacture a new part or modify an existing one. With in-house engineering facilities Fish4Parts can manufacture one-off or large batches of Gears and engineered parts. Whether it's complete manufacture or modification to off the shelf products such as Sprockets, Couplings or Pulleys, including bore and keyway, broaching and splining. Please click here to select our In-House Engineering section.

Phone 0161 737 6969 or email [email protected] to get a quote today!

We are proud to work in conjunction with Guarniflon, for more information you can read this PDF document or visit

Metals Used in Production: Mild Steels, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steels, Super Duplex, Nickel Alloys, Nimonic, Inconel, Titanium, Monel, Copper, Brass, Bronze.

Polymers Used in Production: Nylon, Acetal, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Peek, Delrin, PTFE

CNC & Conventional Engineering Capacity 

Horizontal Boring                                                                                    Vertical Boring

Internal Splines                                                                                    External Splining

Slotting                                                                                                Surface Grinding

Turning                                                                                                               Milling

Gear Cutting

Machining Capacity

Haas Machining Centre

HAAS, SL 30 Turning Centre, Maximum Swing Diameter 762mm, Maximum Dia. 330mm, Maximum Turning Length 864mm, Bar Capacity 76mm

HAAS, VF3 Machining Centre, Table Size 48” x 18”, X axis 1015mm, Y axis 508mm, Z axis 521mm. 20 Position Auto Tool Charger, plus BT160 4th Axis


CNC Machining Cell

XYZ VL 425 Gap Bed Lathe, 257mm Swing Over Cross Slide, 2000mm Between Centres VL Control, Rapid Job Setup

XYZ 420 Lathe, 257mm Swing Over Cross Slide, 1000mm Between Centres

CNC Milling, PROTO-TRAK A.G.E, PRO2000 X=700,Y=320,Z=300, PROTO-TRAK MX2(PRO2000), X=700,Y=320,Z=300, PROTO-TRAK EDGE 3000, X=700,Y=320,Z=300



XYZ Lathes, VL425 and VL420 Lathes, provide turning 257mm swing over cross slide, 2000mm between centres, VL Control, rapid job setup.

Mostana Centre Lathe, 10’ between centres, 14” over compound slide, 38” swing inside gap

TOS Centre Lathe, 4 Meter. between centres, 14” over compound slide, 38” swing inside gap 


(See images above of our 4 Meter Bed Lathe, our Large capacity Bed lathes provide large shaft manufacture for Paper and Pulp Industry customers)




1 of 36" Webster Bennet Vertical Borer (to hold 1 metre diameter)

1 of 36" Kearns Richard Horizontal Borer (1 metre square table)



XYZ Milling Machines, CNC Proto-Trak Pro 2000, Pro 3000 and Pro 5000 machines, provide precision milling, 1500mm capacity, CNC Bed Mill. 7.5hp variable speed head, 76” x 14” (1930 x 356mm) table. 60 x 23 1/2” x 23” (1524 x 596 x 540mm) travel programmable  5000 rpm spindle

Huron MU6, Milling Machine Table Area: 2000 x 450mm / Full Pendant Control with DRO


Gear Cutting (Including Spur Gears)


1 Off Sykes V 10, Max Stroke Face Of Gear 2.1/2”, Max Dia External 13-500”, Max I.D. Internal 6.1/2 Spurs

1 Off Sunderland No.19, 56” Dia x 11” Face x 1dp Spurs & Helicals

Sunderland No 5a

12” Dia x 4” Face x 3dp Spurs & Helicals

Sunderland No 16

22” Dia x 5.1/2” Face x 2.5dp Spurs & Helicals

Sykes 14” Hobber (Spurs & Helicals)

Max Dia External 13, Max Face 8”, Max Pitch Of Gear 7 D.P. 4 Mod

External Splining - Barber Colman

12” Dia x 96” Face x 3DP Spurs & Splines

Fellow 6A (With Raised Blocks)

30” Dia x 6.1/4” Face x 3DP Internal & External Spurs, Spline Length 6.1/4”, Job Length Up To 11.1/2”



Extensive Tooling

2 x Kendall & Gent Pull Broach