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Can you spot fake news?

After seeing plenty of articles shared through social media, we started to wonder how to spot fake news. Whether it’s Melania Trump’s body double or a category 6 hurricane, hopefully you won’t get caught out!

Here’s our guide, we hope it’s useful do you. Let us know what fake news you’ve spotted recently!

How to spot fake news

Engineering or just Magic?

Monday 26 June marked the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter novel. This inspired some of our engineers to try and use a little magic themselves and create the items previously produced by the Peverell Brothers.


That’s right, we created our very own Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Cloak of Invisibility. Unfortunately, like the books we’ll have to use our imagination to get our full use out of them!
 Elder Wand:


All these items were rendered by our engineers using Solidworks. We utilised variety of functions to create these mystical items such special surface functions and engraving  features to mark the items so that they appeared as true to their film counterparts as possible.
Resurrection Stone with and without its ring:

resurrection-stone-no-ring 3-images-resurrection-stone

Last, but certainly not least, check out our invisibility cloak!
Can’t you see (well you can’t but..) how good a job we’ve done!


Why not give us a challenge and see what other magical items we can conjure up?

Which Sci-Fi movie should I watch?


If you’re wondering which film to watch tonight or this weekend, there’s a few we’d like to recommend. According to your taste, of course! We’ve focused on the best of Sci-Fi. If you fancy some Sci-Fi horror, comedy, action or something a bit different, but don’t know what to watch, take a look at this graphic!

Apologies if we missed your favourite film, feel free to let us know what you think we should have included.

Click to enlarge image below:

Pokémon Olympics Infographic

With all the excitement of the Olympics and the attention Pokémon Go have gotten lately, we wondered what it might be like if Pokémon had their own Olympics. It turns out that they actually do – the Pokéathlon! We looked at the best events and the best Pokémon to choose, should it ever become available on Pokémon Go, you’ll know which ones to choose!

A lot of running involved here! Keep your production lines, machinery, automobiles and bikes running with engineering components from Fish4Parts! Feel free to like and share this post!