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No Shame at Salford Lad’s


Actor Ciaran Griffiths AKA Mickey Maguire in the TV series Shameless donned the gloves and put 3 of the engineers from Kingsland Wines through their paces, he sparred 2 rounds each with Andy, Greg and Eathan and showed them he’s no mug when it comes to ringcraft and boxing technique. Ciaran has trained at many Boxing Clubs in Greater Manchester with his close friend Andrew “Barney” McHugh, former presenter of Seconds Out. He was a regular at Salford Lad’s when helping Barney prepare for his White Collar bout in 2007 for charity.

Kinglsand are Knockout at Salford Lad’s Club

After launching the promotion for “The Great British Box Off” 4 engineers (Andy, Mike, Greg and Danny) from Kingsland Wines, took part in Salford Lad’s club boxing session where Russ Arrowsmith put them through their paces. Starting with a gentle warm up, they progressed to circuit training, 20 minutes of boxing technique, conditioned sparring and a circuit involving bag work and basic exercises.


The Great British Box off will be staged next February, where staff from Bakery, Brewing, Bottling and other process companies will actually put the gloves on and climb into the ring to compete and raise money for a nominated charity.

Engineering or just Magic?

Monday 26 June marked the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter novel. This inspired some of our engineers to try and use a little magic themselves and create the items previously produced by the Peverell Brothers.


That’s right, we created our very own Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Cloak of Invisibility. Unfortunately, like the books we’ll have to use our imagination to get our full use out of them!
 Elder Wand:


All these items were rendered by our engineers using Solidworks. We utilised variety of functions to create these mystical items such special surface functions and engraving  features to mark the items so that they appeared as true to their film counterparts as possible.
Resurrection Stone with and without its ring:

resurrection-stone-no-ring 3-images-resurrection-stone

Last, but certainly not least, check out our invisibility cloak!
Can’t you see (well you can’t but..) how good a job we’ve done!


Why not give us a challenge and see what other magical items we can conjure up?

Andy Gregory teams up with Arrow Engineering to promote Acorn Environment Services

andy-greg1 andy-greg2

Arrow Engineering have followed Salford City Reds for many years and have a great relationship with Andy Gregory going back to when he was team coach in the late 90’s. Russ Arrowsmith M.D. of Arrow has teamed up with Andy to help promote his Pest Control and Hygienic Cleaning services to some of Arrow’s food processing customers. Many of Arrow’s customers are big rugby fans and will welcome a visit from this great rugby legend.

Fish4Parts at the SBA Awards 2017


We are very proud to have reached the final of the Salford Business Awards 2017. It was great celebrating many achievements, as well as listening to Manchester United legend, Gary Neville.


Finalists in the Best Online Business category, we were congratulated on excellent application of new technologies and its use to maximum impact.


We strive to make good on recent progress and get better and better. In every aspect of our business we aim to utilise the most cutting-edge softwares, which optimise customer experience and interaction.


The best gets better!

Million Dollar Visit

Anthony “Million Dollar” Crolla visits Arrow Engineering

 On Thursday 18th May Arrow Engineering had a special visit from the former WBA Lightweight Champion of the World, Anthony Crolla. He was there to sign some gloves for a charity boxing event, for his old friend Russ Arrowsmith.


Russ used to box with Anthony’s father Wayne, they both boxed for the BDS Amateur Boxing Club and Russ went on to box for the same club where Anthony had all his Amateur fights, Fox A.B.C.


 Russ also featured in “Crollas Army” last year a team of 12 people running for charity, Russ’s chosen charity was The Autistic Society.