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Buy bearings, ball bearings, flexible couplings, torque limiters, castors, anti-vibration mounts and more...

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Simplex Pre Bored & Keyed Sprockets

Off the Shelf Pre-Bored Sprockets

As part of the service here at Fish4Parts we have a standard range of sprockets already pre-bored and in stock, on the shelf, ready for sameday or overnight shipping. We bore and key sprockets to standard tolerances (H7 and JS9) c/w grubscrews, one over the keyway and one at ninety degrees from that. We also make non-standard sprockets and modifications to standard sprockets Boring i.e. special boses, splining, split sprockets etc.

Roller Chain Sprockets are available in B.S. and A.S. (British Standard and American Standard pitches) in all configurations i.e. Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex. All sorts of special sprockets can also be manufactured i.e. conveyor sprockets, split sprockets, special odd numbered teeth sprockets.

We have an extensive machine shop with CNC Machining and Turning Centres, large Bed Lathes, Gear Hobbers and Planners, Broaching and Splining machinery.



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