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Bonded Bushes

Bonded Bushes

This range of Bonded Bushes are semi bonded, with the rubber compound bonded to the inner sleeve, then the outer sleeve is assembled and pre-loaded to accommodate a high resistance of stresses that occur during operation. This range of Bushes are the largest available on the market – manufactured in metric sizes and loads to suit the majority of potential applications. Alternatively, Fibet are also happy to manufacture Bushes to unique sizes or even materials to suit your requirements. For more information please refer to our Mounts Information Catalogue

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Rubber-Metal Bond Bush 3060-5055
Manufacturer: AEC
Quantity Discount available:
5+ £26.09  10+ £25.82  15+ £25.55
Rubber-Metal Bond Bush 3270-9095
Manufacturer: AEC
Quantity Discount available:
5+ £26.26  10+ £25.99  15+ £25.72
Rubber-Metal Bond Bush 4070-110115
Manufacturer: AEC
Quantity Discount available:
5+ £36.86  10+ £36.48  15+ £36.10
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