One of the Best Online Businesses in our vibrant city!


We are very proud to be shortlisted among the best 4 companies online based in the city of Salford, Greater Manchester. Our city has a population of ca. 250,000 and competition for this year’s award was stronger than ever.

We are a family company with a newly formed team headed by a Salford-born project manager and a University of Salford graduate. With a commitment to excellence in all aspects: customer-service, innovative technologies and people, we stride forward to provide the very best service.


Fish4Parts Ltd. is more than just a one-stop shop for mechanical products of all kinds, we also offer round the clock engineering for bespoke parts and repairs. Supported by 35 years of offline business we possess excellent 24/7 engineering capacities as well as ISO 9001:2008 registration, ensuring the highest levels of quality and customer service. Our range of products is extensive with currently more than 30,000 available in our online store. We provide expert advice on this vast product range, in addition to onsite engineers ready to offer technical proficiency and guidance.

Our ambition is to provide the best service on the most comprehensive range of engineering-related products in the UK – with Salford as our base.



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