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Accu-Greaser 14.4-S

Accu-Greaser 14.4-S
5+ £184.28 | 10+ £182.38 | 15+ £180.48
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ManufacturerLumatic Lubrication
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Robust 14.4V Battery Operated Grease Gun with Filler Nipple/Air Release Valve for 400gr. Cartridges or 500gr. Bulk Fill. A powerful DC motor drive, with planetary gearbox and reciprocating piston gives up to 400 bar of grease pressure. Maximum pressure is limited by an inbuilt relief valve. Description: Battery Grease Gun, 14.4V Ni-Cad battery, 1,500mAh, Delivery: 100cc per min. approx., Electronically Controlled Fast Charger with Overload Protection (1 hour charge time), High Pressure Rubber Hose 750mm (burst pressure 1,650 bar) with 4 jaw Hydraulic Coupler R1/8" in Plastic Carry Case with space for Spare Battery and Grease Cartridge. Product N?: 34 258 52 Akku-FettPressen-Set Accu-Greaser 14.4-S

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