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NSE Rosta Chain Tensioners Complete

NSE Rosta Chain Tensioners Complete

NSE Complete =  N (Tensioner Arm) + SE (Sprocket Set)

These self-sdjusting tensioners can add upto 30% more operating life to chains and belts. Their unique rubber inserts provide a pretension force that allows the tensioner arm to deflect up to 30o either side of it's normal position. this force not only gives the tensioner it's ability to self-adjust to constant stretching of chains and belts, but it also acts as a shock absorber to reduce wear on bearings and shafts.

They are easily mounted (one bolt), maintenance free, no lubrication.

Maintenance free tensioner systems for belt and chain drives, easy to install and available in 7 standard sizes with a wide range of accessories available which include the Tensioning Roller Type R and the Sprocket Wheel Type N

The Tensioner Arm (SE) can be used with either Belt Roller Set (R) or Chain Roller Set (N)



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